smokeMr. Cat and I had a visitor the other morning. It was quite mysterious.

I was up about 6am, feeding Mr. Cat who was waiting patiently at his dish. I was opening the cat food at the counter and I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye coming toward me from the hallway. I looked and nothing was there. Then my senses went off and I froze waiting to see what was going to come through.

I felt a cool slow breeze pass by my back and go past me further into the kitchen.

I was so glad Mr. Cat was there! He was right in the line of passage of this entity. I immediately look at him like, “Do you see it? Are you picking up on this?” And right in the correct timing of the speed the spirit was moving at he looked up and smelled a bunch right in the direction of where it passed him!

I love when I get that hardcore validation! 🙂

I was prepared that maybe I wouldn’t get to go back to sleep, but that was it. Nothing crazy. I honestly don’t even have a sense of what it was! Which is really weird. I normally have a good hunch about what’s going on and I normally get a lot of minds-eye visuals and senses as well. There really wasn’t anything with this one.

Not quite sure what to make of that. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. So far there’s not much here, but I will be posting regularly and I hope to have a lot of really quality information interspersed with fun stories.


Know that you are already well.

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